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Hey. I'm from Perth, Australia, and Bewitched was just released here yesterday! As I've been the hugest Nicole fan for ... like, 4 years, I was so there! I wasn't sure what to expect because I'd never really seen her in a role like this before. But O.M.G!!!! I absolutely adored it! I thought Nicole was great! The two of them had great chemistry and I kept absolutely cracking up! Isabel's 'crazy eyes', the crazy walk and the dinner scene were highlights for me. I loved the part where she said "We're about to kiss, aren't we?" and Jack said "Yes we are, but thanks for ruining the moment, Miss Narrator." And Nicole uttering the words "What's a dick?" is just priceless.

Great movie overall! I thought they were totally great. Sure, there were corny parts, but it's a ROMANTIC COMEDY. I don't know, but I just totally adored it.

I'd love to know what other people thought and also if anyone knows where there are any icons from the movie anywhere? Because I'm dying for some!

Emma xxx
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